The police official has taken up research on the nature of light

Director General of Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Bayyarapu Prasada Rao presented a scientific paper titled “Interference and diffraction – a new theory” at the third International Conference on Physics Science and Technology (ICPST) held at Hong Kong on December 29 and 30.

Along with discharging duties as a senior police officer in the State, Mr. Prasada Rao has taken up research on the nature of light.

The officer stated that his experiments have proved that wave nature of light is not necessary to explain interference and diffraction, whereas for the last three centuries the scientific fraternity had been under impression that the phenomena can only be explained by the wave nature of light.

His study has unravelled the mystery of the complexity of universe which itself is a major breakthrough in this early part of 21{+s}{+t}Century, Mr. Rao stated. His paper was published in the International Journal of Applied Physics and Mathematics.

Mr. Prasada Rao also gave presentation of his work on nature of light and spectro physics besides publications in national and international journals.