30 per cent of savings in ration in urban areas, says official

The pilot project of the Aadhaar-based Public Distribution System (PDS) in East Godavari district has yielded good results, with the district officials finding 30 per cent of savings in the ration in urban areas and close to 20 per cent in the rural areas for the month of September.

For the first time in India, the project was launched in the district last month, in which ration had been distributed to the beneficiaries, basing on the data registered for the unique identity ‘Aadhaar’. After seeing the ration cards data with that of the Aadhaar, the pilot project was launched in 47 select fair price shops in different parts of the district.

The new system prompts the beneficiaries to give their fingerprints in electronic mode, which would be traced instantly with that of the ‘Aadhaar’ data. It helped distribution of the commodities only to the genuine beneficiaries. “At the end of the month, we have found about 30 per cent of the stocks remained undistributed in the shops in urban areas. The savings in rural pockets is close to the 20 per cent of the total stocks,” A. Babu, Joint Collector, says.

Many neighbouring States are evincing interest in the pilot project and sending their teams to the district to study the project. A team from Maharashtra, headed by Additional Director-General of the ‘Aadhaar’ project Prasanth Singh, on Thursday visited half a dozen fair price shops in which the pilot project was being implemented successfully.

“We are keen on implementing the Aadhaar-based PDS in Maharashtra and came here to study the project. It is interesting to note that the project ensures distribution of commodities only to the genuine beneficiaries. The monitoring system helps that the dealers of the fair price shops must deliver all the commodities at one go, which sans the frequent visits by the customers to the shops,” Mr. Singh observes.

  • Neighbouring States are evincing interest in the pilot project and sending teams to study it

  • The project helps dealers of fair price shops deliver all commodities at one go