A touch of comedy

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Ravi Teja and Ileana in a still from ‘Kick’
Ravi Teja and Ileana in a still from ‘Kick’

Film: Kick

Cast: Ravi Teja, Ileana

Direction: Surender Reddy

This is the story of a man who seeks adventure, a kick and some kind of excitement in anything he does in life. Smart, educated and fickle-natured Kalyan (Ravi Teja) can’t hang on to any job for a long time due to this quality. He woos Naina (Ileana) but the lady imposes a condition that to win her he should stick to one job. The impossible Kalyan quits the job on the fourth day of joining and a heart-broken and disillusioned Naina leaves him. The focus now moves to Malaysia where Naina meets Kalyan Krishna (Shaam) and they discuss their lives, decide to wed. Kalyan Krishna is a police officer who is on a mission to nab a smart thief and the climax is all about the revelation of the thief being Kalyan and the reason as to why he turns into one.

Memorable performance

The weight of déjÀ vu, limitations in screenplay could have threatened the film but for the comedy-centric plot and Ravi Teja’s performance. Kick risks a slow pace, letting the flavour of the characters simmer on low heat.

Despite the clichéd roles, the hero punches life into his character with his energy and colloquial dialogues. It is not a film that you will carry it about in your heart but the hero’s approach will make it memorable.

Tamil actor Shaam brings an element of freshness to the screen by his looks and work and Ileana looks just right for the role which she had played umpteen times. Rest of them dish out mechanical performances.

Overall, if you are expecting a flashy film and with a predictable plot, or if you want to see high-speed chases, explosions with a touch of comedy, then this film will not disappoint.




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