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7 people get new lease of life

Hyderabad: It's a gift of life from a 53-year-old woman on the eve of Mother's Day, being celebrated worldwide on May 9. Thanks to the gift, seven patients received a fresh lease of life. This sentiment is giving some comfort to the grieving family of Pasunuri Indira Reddy, who passed away after sustaining a severe internal head injury in an accident.

After the accident, the doctors declared her brain dead and the bereaved family including two sons decided to donate her organs. “I am glad we will be able to see her in seven persons. She was very giving and in the end we thought donating organs would be fitting and set an example for others,” said Ajai Kumari Reddy, sister-in-law of Indira Reddy.

On Thursday, May 6, the two-wheeler on which Indira Reddy and her relative were travelling fell into a ditch near L.B. Nagar. Due to severe internal head injuries, doctors at Kamineni Hospitals struggled to keep her alive and on Friday they notified the family members that Indira Reddy was brain dead.

“In such situations grief counsellors play an important role. Hundreds of trauma victims are declared brain dead but hardly their organs are retrieved for transplantation. We happened to be present at Kamineni Hospitals and we counselled the family members,” says CEO of Mohan Foundation K. Raghuram.

Indira Reddy's liver, heart valves, kidneys and eyes were retrieved on Saturday and sent to various city hospitals for transplantation.