Staff Reporter

SANGAREDDY:When the idiot box is beamed with lady villain-oriented serials by various channels making a negative impact on society, here is a serial that began early this month which aims at sending series of social messages, more particularly among the rural people.

In partnership with Doordarshan and Government of Andhra Pradesh, the United Nations Children's Education Fund (UNICEF) had made a serial Kyonki Jeena Issee Ka Nam Hai, which was a grand hit across North India.

For rural folks

To benefit the rural people in the State and create awareness among them on various issues, the serial has been dubbed in Telugu with the title ‘ Ide Mana Jeevitha Lakshyam' .which is being telecast on Saptagiri channel of Doordarshan from Monday to Friday. The 260- episode serial is being telecast from May 3. The serial is based on the book ‘Facts for Life' published by UNICEF, WHO and UNESCO.

According Sanjay Singh, coordinator of the programme, the book was published in 215 languages and about 1.5 crore books are already in use.

Mixed with melodrama to make it more appealing to the viewer, the serial begins sending social messages from the 20th episode.