Former Education Minister Yerneni Sita Devi has come forward to educate two HIV positive children. Ms. Sita Devi inaugurated an income generation programme for HIV positive people conducted by ‘Maa Samasth’ here on Wednesday.

Ms. Sita Devi announced at the inauguration that she would pay Rs.10,000 required for the education of two HIV positive children. Addressing a gathering the former Minister said that the society would develop only if the women develop. And she added that women had the power to develop society. It was very important for them to become economically independent.

Ms.Sita Devi inaugurated a tailoring course for HIV positive women and even gave away 15 sewing machines for those undergoing training under the income generation programme.

Provisions like rice and groceries required for a month were also distributed to the HIV positive children and widows. Programme organiser M. Prasanna said that 234 people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) were registered with Maa Samasth in Challapalli alone and as many as 47 of them were children. The number of PLHIVs in Mopidevi, Ghantasala and Challapalli together was 678.

Representatives of other NGOs that were involved in providing services to PLHIVs participated in the programme.