A phone call from her lover had stopped the marriage of a girl, whose marriage was arranged by her parents with another person against her wishes in the industrial coal belt of Godavarikhani on Thursday.

Even as the preparations for the marriage function were getting underway on Thursday and the family members of the bride all set to receive the groom with traditions, the youth called the groom stating that he was in love with the bride and appealed him not to marry her.

The groom, who was about to proceed to the marriage pandal, changed his mind and informed the same to his family members. He wanted the marriage to be cancelled.

According to the NTPC police, the marriage of a girl of NTPC Jyothinagar was fixed with K Kanakaiah of Nagunuru village on Thursday. The girl was already in love with her neighbour Prakash since four years. When the marriage was arranged she remained silent.

On Wednesday night, she called Prakash and asked him to stop the marriage or else she would commit suicide. Prakash called the groom Kanakaiah and told him about his love with the bride and he also threatened him of dire consequences if he visited the marriage pandal. The groom recorded the call and informed the same to his parents.

On Thursday morning, the groom’s relatives informed the bride’s parents about the cancellation of marriage. Immediately, the bride’s relatives approached the police and lodged a complaint.

The police tried to counsel the bride and groom and perform the marriage, but in vain.

The bride said that she would commit suicide but will not marry the marriage fixed by her parents. Later, the police summoned Prakash, who also promised to marry the bride. Later, the police let them off and registered a case against Prakash for threatening the groom over phone. Both the bride and Prakash were majors.

A youth calls the bridegroom and tells him that he is in love with the bride and urges him to cancel the marriage