A new life for Peddiraju

Bandaru Peddiraju  

Bandaru Peddiraju smiles heartily. Son of a poor daily wager mother, Peddiraju cannot hide his elation on getting Rs. 4,000 fellowship a month from the Government of India. “My aim is to see that my mother leads a dignified life,” the young boy says.

Peddiraju, a Dalit, is the first student of APSWREIS to have received the prestigious Kishore Vygnanic Puraskar Yojana (KVPY) fellowship. He was conferred the scholarship under the Empowerment Initiative Programme. He would also get Rs. 16,000 a year towards contingency fund. “The untimely death of my father due to lack of medical facilities and my mother’s plight made me pursue the dream of studying pharmaceutical sciences,” Peddiraju claims. Mother Obulamma is happy for him. Thanks to the fellowship, the boy is now eligible for various integrated PG courses in top institutions like Indian Institute for Science and Education and Research, Indian Institute for Science, Bangalore, IIIT-Hyderabad and Central University, Hyderabad.

Peddiraju did not lose heart despite losing his father, B. Narayana, at a young age. “The academic brilliance of Peddiraju goes on to show that the deprived are no less inferior to those studying in top schools,” Roopadevi, principal, APSWREIS, Gowlidoddi-Hyderabad, said. Secretary, APSWREIS, R.S. Praveen Kumar, congratulated the boy for his achievement.

He is the first beneficiary of the Empowerment Initiative Programme that provides him fellowship and an opportunity to study in top universities

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