Bharatchandra (Telugu)

Cast: Suresh Gopi, Raja Tippe, Alex, Prabha Dutt, Urmila Khan

Music: Rajamani

Director: Raja Panicker

The film is yet another police story. Producer Konda Krishnamraju, who is presently producing 'Sri Ramadasu' with Nagarjuna, bagged the dubbing rights of the Malayalam hit 'Police Commissioner' in which Suresh Gopi played a tough cop. Bharatchandra (Suresh Gopi) is a sincere police officer.

However, he gets suspended in a case for about seven years and also spends one-and-a-half years in jail.

Finally, with the intervention of the Supreme Court and a special court he gets back his job. One Kala Purohit Khan, an international crook, works for Janab Hyder Ali Hassan in India. Hyder Ali is a notorious arms smuggler and organises things to incite communal tension. He is a local mafia don who controls even the political leaders. On one occasion, an old man, Mehdipatnam Baba, learns that Hyder Ali was behind the communal violence that had broken out sometime ago and wants to dispose before the commission.

To escape from the clutches of the police, Hyder Ali takes the help of Kala Purohit Khan and kills Mehdipatnam Baba. The case goes to Bharatchandra for investigation. How Bharatchandra handles the case and how he realises the real hand behind the murder of Mehdipatnam Baba forms part of the subject.

No songs

The film is worth watching for those who like action flicks. This movie is sans any songs. It is a typical police story entirely based on investigation and is racy. However, it is clear that the director concentrates more on keeping the hero's image intact. The screenplay too is pretty gripping.

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