A public transport should provide quality service and help commuters reach their destinations on time. RTC does not provide any of the above facilities despite having dominated public transport in the twin cities. The corporation should be run more professionally.

V. Uday Bhaskar

ICICI Bank employee

I have been waiting for bus no-279 at Jubilee Bus Terminus for two hours now. Leave alone buses, even the bus terminus does not provide good facilities. Toilets stink and the general condition of the terminus is not up to the mark. Officials talk about increasing the frequency of buses but things remain as it is.

K. Ratan


Senior citizens are always at the receiving end. They make promises to reserve seats for us but nothing materialises. They do not even stock medicines in case of emergencies during long distance travels. Constant delays and bad behaviour of the bus crew and drivers are quite common.

K. Sushilamma

Senior citizen

Given the large fleet, we can understand the difficulties faced by RTC officials. But being a public entity, they should have some responsibility towards passengers. The depot managers never make sure that buses ply on time.

P. Rama Rao

Retired bank manager

I picked up a fight recently with the shop owners at Jubilee Bus Terminus.

They were selling water and snacks at `airport rates'. As far as bus services are concerned, services to districts must be increased.

And, the RTC personnel should be a bit more courteous to passengers.

P. Krishna Rao