A blot on Sindhi Colony’s landscape

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Eyesore: The bad road conditions at Sindhi colony.
Eyesore: The bad road conditions at Sindhi colony.

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Residents of the centrally located colony forced to live amid filth

De-silting works turn roads slushy

GHMC authorities look the other way

Hyderabad: They open their gates to walk into filthy slush that is dumped in front of their homes. Thanks to the de-silting works taken up by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation, a carpet of waste from the Sindhi Colony nala is making it difficult for residents to move out of their homes.

It’s a raw deal for residents of Sindhi Colony, especially those who reside opposite the open drain at Penderghast Road No. 1. Silt from the drain scooped out by GHMC workers is dumped on the road that is hardly 20 feet in width, leaving little space for vehicles.

The route that was a short cut for motorists to Minister’s Road now has a thick layer of stinking slush, residents fuming at the apathetic attitude of the GHMC authorities. “We can’t walk in the lane leave alone taking out our cars. The authorities concerned have made this an annual affair. Every year the retaining wall is broken and rebuilt and when everything has been cleared, the road is in a mess,” complains Arjun Dev Jhawar, president of Uma Towers Association.

Even those who want to rent out homes in the area are in a fix.

“Because of the stench there are no takers for my house for the last three months. The authorities could at least find an alternative place to dump the silt instead of opting for the easy way out – dumping it in the lane”, argues Gopal Chabria, a resident. Motorists too are not spared here. The drain water from the heaps of filth flows out on the road, making it difficult to drive. “There is no question of cars plying on this road. However, there have been a number of incidents where people driving two wheelers have slipped and fallen into the muck,” complains another resident.

Annual affair

The yearly affair of dumping waste from the nala onto the roads has left the residents fuming. While some residents have given up hope, some feel that the GHMC authorities ought to come up with a viable solution, after all it’s their hard earned money that is being collected as taxes.



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