If you are a Hyderabadi, a book lover and not too-much perturbed by the recent political upheaval with regard to demand for formation of Telangana State, Friday evening lecture by INTACH convener Rani Sarma turned out to be a real appetiser for the heritage lovers.

At the Builders Association Hall, the Centre of Policy Studies facilitated Mr. Sarma to introduce her book ‘The Deodis of Hyderabad – a lost heritage', which generated enough curiosity among the audience to vouch for safeguarding the heritage of the City of Destiny and a couple of pro-active persons promised to support her effort in protecting the skyline of heritage areas/buildings.

Describing what a Deodi meant and how it looked like or how she just happened to be a mute spectator to the destruction of tens of them built over 800 years of the Hyderabad's history, curiosity to go through the book arose further. About 1,200 of these gems of heritage wealth got wiped out in the 50 years of ‘so-called' development.

Hyderabad – the fairytale city with a composite culture influenced by a series of external rulers, adopted several of local aspects in its structures and magnificent buildings among which are Belle Vista, Osmania Hospital, Nampally Railway Station etc. Lamenting at the lack of commonsense among the present-day rulers and administrators, she described how thousands of buildings lost their façade to road widening just to protect one monument – Charminar.

Book coming at the right time when people from all the regions of Andhra Pradesh were keen on retaining Hyderabad as their capital even in the face of division of the State, describes a lot about Marathwada interiors given to the feudal homes, while the Nizams took a bit of Hindu culture in the magnificent structures they built. Centre's director A. Prasanna Kumar introduced Ms. Sarma, while her spouse and former Energy Secretary E.A.S. Sarma also listened to her lecture in rapt attention.


Book on city’s heritage releasedApril 15, 2014