Around 750 kg of ammonium nitrate, illegally stored in 15 bags, at a quarry site at Bouluwada near Anakapalle in the district was seized and one person was arrested by the police late on Wednesday. The accused was sent in remand on Thursday.

On a tip-off, Anakapalle Rural Inspector G. Srinivas, SI P.V. Vijay Kumar and their team conducted a raid on a room, located near a stone quarry at VV Ramana Colony around 11 p.m. on Wednesday. They found the ammonium nitrate, stored in 15 bags of 50 kg each, which were procured by N. Venkateswara Rao (46) without licence.

It’s learnt that the accused was selling the explosive material to owners of various stone quarries in Anakapalle mandal. The accused, a worker in a quarry, was said to be an expert in blasting at the quarries. He had developed some links with some persons and started procuring and selling the ammonium nitrate clandestinely.

Mr. Vijay Kumar said ammonium nitrate was used in fertilizer. When mixed with diesel, it acts as an explosive and was being used for blasting purposes by quarry owners in Anakapalle region.