Be aware. Smoking, chewing pan and tobacco and consuming excess alcohol may cause oral cancer, and as per the history 75 per cent of the cancer patients diagnosed are tobacco-users.

Disclosing this to the newsmen here on Friday, ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon of Apollo Cancer Hospital, Chennai, C. Rayappa, who visited Nellore said those who smoke and drink have fifteen times greater risk of developing oral cancer than others. The disease begins as a small ulcer or lump on the tongue, cheek and gum.

Initially chronic irrigation with a white patch (leukoplakia) or a red patch (erythroplakia) in the mouth would be developed and these can sometimes grow as cancer. About 35 per cent of the total cancers cases in India are detected on head and neck regions and once the disease is detected, the patient needs to consult a doctor and plan for best treatment, said Dr.Rayappa. Surgery is the main form of treatment for head and neck cancers. Apollo Hospitals performed several cancer surgeries and the success rate is about 90 per cent, said Dr. Rayappa adding that post operative care is very important for all patients.

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