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Two more associations seek time

The corporation gives 15 days to respond for a few more associations

The associations told to furnish details including their registration

VIJAYAWADA: The axe fell on seven sports associations that haven’t either responded or not given satisfactory replies to the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation’s queries.

The VMC, after a three month long tussle, locked the offices of seven sports associations located in Indira Gandhi Municipal Corporation (IGMC) stadium here on Wednesday. The offices of sports associations include including judo, weightlifting, basket ball, gymnastics, tennis ball cricket, amateur athletic association and badminton—were closed.

Two more associations -- volleyball and kabbadi -- sought a week time from the Corporation. The kabbadi association sought time as national level coaching camp is going on, and sportspersons were given shelter at the association office.

The volley ball association requested the VMC give sometime time to furnish the details sought. Hence, they were accorded time, officials say.

The Corporation, already, gave 15-day time for few more associations a week ago. The associations include: Archery, netball, caroms, handball, and Urban PET. These associations have a week more time in hand to respond. The Corporation renewed the permissions for cricket, football, table tennis and veteran athletic associations as they produced requisite details in time.

Mr. Pradyumna, in his letter in September, asked the associations to furnish details of their registration and authorised members with evidence. He also asked them to list out the activities carried out for the development of their sport or game in 2008; details of tournaments and competitions conducted, and list of players and athletes selected for State or national level tournaments.

Main ‘contention’

The prime contention of the Corporation is that the sports associations were “not doing any justice” to the space allotted to them in the stadium complex. The VMC feels that the space provided to them is being “misused”, and rules were being flouted by doing such things as allowing liquor and smoking in the rooms and on the premises of the stadium.