The presidents of seven Primary Agriculture Cooperative Societies (PACS) in Adilabad district will not be eligible to vote in the ensuing elections for the post of Adilabad District Cooperative Central Bank (ADCCB) as these societies have been categorised as ‘defaulting PACS' , according to an order of the government.

This will render the two rival groups in the Congress and the Telugu Desam Party poorer by 4 and 3 votes in the election in question.

MLC K. Premsagar Rao group, which is numerically far ahead of its rival group headed by Adilabad District Congress Committee president C. Ramchander Reddy and Nirmal MLA A. Maheshwar Reddy and the TDP, may not be disadvantaged much by the fact as it has over 40 PACS presidents on its side out of a total of 76.

The other Congress group with only 10 PACS presidents on its side and the TDP with just seven in its kitty are likely to suffer more owing to the government order.

A day long exercise to identify the defaulting PACS done by ADCC Bank officials on Friday brought to the fore the status of all the societies in the district. The seven defaulting PACS are Burnoor, Jainoor, Indervelli, Narnoor, Utnoor, Tiryani and Jaipur.