Senior Public Health Officer A. Kameswara Rao has said that 66 per cent of children in the state are anaemic and emphasised on supplementing children in the age group of five to 19 years with folic acid tablets. Speaking at a programme on “Badi bayata - Badi lopala” organised by the Jawahar Bala Arogya Raksha, at the Medical and Health Office on Friday, Dr. Kameswara Rao said that under “weekly iron and folic acid supplementation” (WIFS) programme, each children in schools be given folic acid tablets.

District Educational Officers must ensure that teachers shoulder the responsibility in schools and CDPOs ask anganwadi workers and ANMs to cover children outside schools. Iron deficiency in body would reduce hemoglobin percentage in blood, which makes one weak. ICDS Medical Officer V. Appala Raju, CDPO Raja Rajeswari, head masters, and anganwadi workers were present.