In all, 387 nominations were filed for 39 Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituencies and 4,264 for 654 Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituencies in the district, for which elections will be held on April 6. These figures were compiled till late on Thursday, the last date for filing nominations. In all, 256 nominations were filed for the ZPTCs and 2,376 for the MPTCs on the final day alone. On Friday, CEO of ZPP Maheswara Reddy released the figures.

The following are the number of nominations filed by candidates of various political parties:

ZPTCs: BSP 3, BJP 14, CPI 11, CPI(M) 22, Congress 41, YSR Congress 123, Telugu Desam 150, Lok Satta 2, and independents 21. MPTCs: BSP 27, BJP 73, CPI 80, CPI(M) 140, Congress 140, YSR Congress 1,586, Telugu Desam 1,738, Lok Satta 1, other recognised parties 1, and independents 322.

March 24 is the last date for withdrawal of nominations. The ZPTC members would elect the Chairperson of the ZPP, which, this time, is reserved for woman general category. A keen competition is on the cards, but the two major parties — the TDP and the YSR Congress — have not come out with their choices. The Congress, reeling under the after effects of bifurcation, could not find candidates for seven MPTCs. Among the TDP candidates, B. Venkata Lakshmi, M. Dhanamma, G. Chinni Kumari Lakshmi, and L. Bhavani are said to be aspirants for the Chairperson post.