About 300 first and second year students of IIIT at Idupulapaya fell ill after having dinner in the hostel mess on Sunday night and were treated in the hospital on IIIT campus.

The students suffered from diarrhoea and vomiting owing to suspected food poisoning after having chicken biryani on Sunday night and collapsed one after the other, causing panic on the campus. Doctors of Kadapa and Proddatur rushed to the hospital on IIIT premises, administered saline and treated the students.

Three girl students, Vimala, Mounika and Ayesha, were sent to RIMS Hospital here with severe diarrhoea and were discharged on Monday evening. Students alleged that chicken stored in the refrigerator since four days was cooked and leftover oil re-used in the mess causing the problem.

Following the food poisoning, about 1,900 students skipped breakfast on Monday and had biscuits.

Chicken stored in the fridge for four days was cooked and leftover oil

re-used, allege students