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Move to launch them from this year

In the first phase 150 schools will be launched

Education in government schools will be free of cost

KARIMNAGAR: The State government has decided to introduce English as the medium of instruction from this academic year in about 287 government high schools in Karimnagar district. According to official sources, the government decided to launch English medium schools in a phased manner in various parts of the district. In the first phase, the English medium would be started in 150 schools and in the second phase 137 schools. In Karimnagar town, the English medium schools would be started in government high schools in Kharkanagadda, Sapthagiri colony, Gunj high school, Girls high school in Doctors Street.

Beneficial to poor

Sources said that the introduction of English as the medium of instruction in government schools would benefit the poor parents. “Parents need not shell out huge amount in the private English medium schools for their children’s education.

They would get quality English medium education in government schools without any expenditure and free of cost”, they said.

When compared to private English medium schools, where the teaching is usually done by unqualified teachers, the government schools will have well-qualified and trained teachers to shape the future citizens, the source said.

On the other hand, the teachers’ unions have cautiously welcomed the introduction of the English medium schools in the district.

Analyse results

They suggested the government to first introduce English medium in few schools on an experimental basis and after analysing the results extend to other schools.

The teachers unions also urged the government to impart training to the government school teachers before the launch of English medium schools. The unions opined that majority of the teachers have studied in Telugu medium and is must that they be trained in English la nguage.