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Farmers and poor led by CPI activists put up temporary huts

ANANTAPUR: Farmers led by activists and leaders of Communist Party of India (CPI) occupied about 27 acres assigned and Government lands at Rachanapalli in Anantapur rural mandal and Pulamiddi village in Lepakshi mandal in the district on Wednesday.

In Rachanapalli, the poor led by party leaders -- C. Jaffer, D. Keshava Reddy, P. Narayanaswamy and others occupied about 8.6 acres of assigned and poramboke land in survey number 154. The party activists and poor posted party flags on the land and also erected a temporary hut as a symbolic occupation.

Poor would start erecting huts on the land from Thursday, the party leaders stated. They occupied the land as some influential realtors were planning to encroach the land with the connivances of ruling party leaders and officials, they alleged. They took out a procession from Kakkalapalli colony earlier.

At Pulamiddi in Lepakshi mandal the poor led by party leaders Sivappa, Hasira Banu, Devender and others occupied 18 acres government land in survey number 20-1 by posting party flags. About 1,000 poor would erect huts on the land.

In Kadiri, the party’s hunger strike demanding issuance of pattas to poor reached third day on Wednesday. The party launched the protest after the assurance of giving pattas by August 15 was not kept by the officials