B.V.S. Bhaskar

It's a scene reminiscent of 1986 floods and 1996 cyclone as people stare at a grim situation

Inavilli (East Godavari): Marooned coconut groves, major breaches to the Vasista, streams and canals and thousands of people in grip of total fear -- it's a scene reminiscent of the 1986 floods and the 1996 cyclone.

Konaseema is back in news. Almost 130 villages in the picturesque Konaseema have been marooned due to continuous rain from Saturday.

With sudden increase in water levels due to heavy rain in catchments of upper side of the Godavari, Konaseema is facing a major flood threat. Sakhinetipalli, Mummidivaram, Nagaram, Razole and Mamidikuduru mandals are worst affected where the floodwater level has reached 9-ft height.

"We were able to reach out to some interior villages by country boats. We are pressing ONGC and fire services authorities into service to evacuate people from the villages.

But, communication is yet to be established," according to Collector M. Subrahmanyam, who reached Sanapalli Lanka, near Inavilli, where Gowtami Godavari bund was breached.

Special rescue teams have reached Konaseema even as farmers began strengthening the bunds along the river and canals.