The world over everyone is gearing up for the once-in-a-lifetime 0r rather the once-in-a-century date... 12-12-12. This unique numerological combination has caught the fancy of many citizens who are taken in by the exclusivity of the date to symbolise a landmark occasion in their lives.

Expectant parents, betrothed couples, sentimental investors, to those looking for a new house or even a new car; generally there are many who plan to make this day a momentous occasion in their lives. December, 12, 2012 or 12-12-12 will be the last date of its kind - when all three numbers in a date are the same - for the next 88 years. The next time this will happen is on January 1, 2101, (01-01-01).

Most of the believers are convinced that the symmetry of 12-12-12 will bring good luck. According to numerology too the date 12-12-12 is considered lucky as it adds up to 9. Also, December 12, is the last repetitive date of the century, from 2013, such a combination of dates will not be available.

With many couples planning their wedding on this date, the city is abuzz with those wanting to make the most of the day. On a cynical note, with the Malayan calendar predicting 21 December to be doomsday, many want to live life to the fullest at least before the end! On a lighter note, with the shadow of the supposed doomsday looming only ten days later, indulging in a shopping spree on December 12, is perhaps the best way to initiate the countdown!

Astrologically too the date is purported to be auspicious owing to the position of Jupiter. According to some astrologers, this date indicates harmony and strengthening of relationships. Even numerologists say that the lucky combination of number 12 is auspicious for starting new ventures or entering into partnerships.

Accordingly, investments and shopping sprees are the next big thing planned for this day. Investing and bringing home the new car or coolest gadget is high on the list of priorities for many of the city’s numerical geeks and sentimental folk. Gold and jewellery as an investment are highly favoured amongst householders. It is an investment that you can actually use or rather wear, and yet it has immense potential for increasing its worth. Astrology, numerology and sentiments apart, the 12 December ‘12 is cool date that would come only once in a century. In tune with the trend of making this date momentous, many stores in the city have stocked up with the latest and coolest gadget and gizmos in town.

Furthermore, winter is the season for partying! In view of the ongoing festive and partying season, latest designer wear, accessories and gadgets have flooded the city stores. Pick and choose from designer dresses, western-wear, gorgeous saris and a host of accessories for the party season of the year.

As the New Year and Christmas parties draw closer, many of the movers and shakers in town are in the market for the trendiest accessories to flaunt; ranging right from watches to cars! If nothing else, there are quite a few who plan to make this day extra special for themselves, by indulging in a session at a spa or a visit to the saloon. Their idea of making this day special is to pamper themselves or even try out a new look for the upcoming spree of parties!

- Uma Chodavarapu