The 104 fixed date health service (FDHS) in Medak district is slowly coming to the stream line after about three months suffering. Till recently the people in rural areas questioned staff why they were coming without medicine. Many a time the staff of 104 felt it embarrassing to move into villages where they used to extend services till last year

During a recent ‘Dial Your District Medical and Health Officer' programme, one of the callers posed this question to Dr. Ranga Reddy asking why the vehicles are being sent without medicine and who should they approach. Mr. Ranga Reddy admitted there was short supply of medicines. The 104 service was expected to deliver services like antenatal checkups, height and weight monitoring, basic blood and urine lab investigations and screening. This service is also giving advices to rural patients and medical dispensation to chronic illness such as diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, asthma, defective vision and malaria.

Many of the rural patients, at least 70 per cent of them, are suffering with diabetes and hypertension. But the authorities are failing to supply the required medicine to them stating that it is not being supplied from the head office itself. On May 19, some drugs for hypertension and diabetes arrived at the district headquarter. However, they were not with the regular combination of drugs being used by the patients. “We can give other combinational drugs to the patients. It's not at all a problem. However, to what extent the patients will accept is the question mark,'' said E. Haribabu, District Coordinator, 104 Services.