Nearly 100 residents of Eguvapadu village in Venkatachalam mandal of Nellore district were infected in the eyes after they got ‘leaf drops’ as a cure to their cataract illness a few days ago.

DM&HO Masila Mani said that the villagers were found to have been infected with ‘chemical irritant conjunctivitis’ due to the ‘leaf drops’ and tests proved that there was no danger to their eyesight. As of now, the villagers were suffering from swollen eye-lids, redness and irritation. It would take three to four days for them to recover from these symptoms.

The villagers got the drops at Tummalam village in Adoni area of Kurnool district where they went in a specially hired bus. They went there after trusting the reports of some three persons that the ‘leaf drops’ were curing cataract without needing to undergo any surgery and it was not costly.

Dr. Masila Mani said that superstitious beliefs were still continuing among the people due to lack of awareness and knowledge. He informed that there was no such cure using ‘leaf drops’ for cataract. He further said that ophthalmologists visited the village and gave treatment to the affected persons.

  • Villagers made to believe that ‘leaf drops’ cure cataract without undergoing any surgery

  • There is no danger to their eyesight, says DM&HO Masila Mani