The request of over 10 empanelled bureaucrats for Central Service is attracting attention as the number this year is double that of the figure in the last two to three years.

Among those who requested deputation to Central Service are Reddi Subramanyam, Pushpa Subramanyam, Rajiv Ranjan Mishra, Vasudha Mishra, Vidyasagar, Pradeep Chandra, Prashant Mahapatra, B.R.Meena, Hiralal Samariya, S.P.Singh. They are awaiting Centre’s response.

Job satisfaction

While some interpreted this to lack of job satisfaction and discontent on the part of some IAS officers, prolonged political uncertainty in the State hampering governance and disillusionment with the functioning of General Administration Department (GAD) and Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) are said to have become push factors for others. One complaint is that the CMO and GAD take their own time in clearing Annual Confidential Reports of IAS officers and forwarding them to the Centre for promotions, as the Chief Minister was more preoccupied with the demanding political situation.

But then quite a few senior officers, who headed or worked in key departments here opted for Central Service as part of their career progression, much needed all India exposure and acquiring new skills.

Some senior IAS officers here were sounded by Central department heads to move to Delhi based on their good performance.


“This year the number of senior IAS officers preferring Central deputation is certainly more. But it still falls short of IAS officers of State cadre eligible to work at National capital. While 70 IAS officers out of 270 officers of State cadre were eligible to work at the Centre, not even 50 were from the State. States like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan, North Eastern States have far better representation in the Central services,” an official observed.

More bureaucrats representing the State in Central service would benefit the State as they could tailor the schemes and policies keeping the State they served in view, a bureaucrat argued.