Increase in dropout rate, insufficient faculty affect schools in villages

In an effort at achieving excellence in school education and ending disparity among teaching staff, Tripura plans mass transfer of teachers.

School Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty indicated that the decision would be implemented after board exam results were declared in June.

The School Education Department has come to know that hundreds of teachers, mostly in the Agartala area, are entrenched in their schools for even two decades.

“One reason for this is that the department overlooked the matter and the other is that transfers are blocked at the behest of influential quarters,” an official said on Wednesday. He said teachers’ unions were against the transfer of their members.

Reluctance of a section of teachers to serve on hills and in villages has largely affected the education system. The number of dropouts in rural areas, mainly on the hills, is alarming and many schools are functioning with just a couple of teachers.

“There were genuine reasons when the extremist problem was at its height and teachers were subjected to extortion and even kidnappings. Now the problem no more poses a real threat and teachers need not worry about postings in these areas,” the official added.

While a large number of teachers continue with their jobs in urban areas and earn a lot through private tuitions, their counterparts are languishing in rural pockets for years together.

The Left Front government has long been under pressure to end this inequality.

Understanding the gravity of the situation, especially to increase the level of education in tribal areas, the government has now decided to complete the long-awaited task.

Informed sources said the list of teachers to be relocated is ready for government approval.

  • Teachers’ unions were against the transfer of their members: official

  • Reluctance of teachers to serve on hills and in villages has affected the system