The mother of Rohit Shekhar, who is seeking to declare N. D. Tiwari (88) as his biological father, told a Commission here on Tuesday that she was assured by the veteran Congress leader that he intended to adopt her son.

Ujjwala Sharma (67), who was cross-examined by Mr. Tiwari’s lawyer Bahar U. Barqi, deposed that she had talked to him at the time of Shekhar’s birth regarding giving his name as the father, but was “not allowed” to do so.

“At the time of birth of the child [Shekhar] as well as at the time of his admission, I talked to defendant number [Mr. Tiwari]. I wanted to give his name as the father, but on his persuasion, taking his political career into consideration, I was not allowed to do that because he assured me he intended to adopt the child and I trusted him.”

Regarding a query by Mr. Barqi on a divorce petition filed by her former husband B.P. Sharma, she said it was incorrect that she and Mr. Sharma had tried to defame Mr. Tiwari at the instance of a Congress lobby.

Her cross-examination remained inconclusive and will resume on Wednesday at the Delhi High Court Bar Association office. — PTI