Three persons died of sunstroke in Adilabad district on Thursday though the maximum day temperature was 42 degree Celsius, lesser than the 45 degree Celsius recorded a few days earlier. The three persons died due to prolonged exposure to the sun on Wednesday and Thursday.

Jadhav Rukmabai, a 55-year-old labourer from Bhutai village in Bazarhatnoor mandal, returned home after complaining of sickness at her site of work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS).

Dehydration deaths

She died after a couple of hours, apparently of dehydration. Aiti Gangaiah, a 45-year-old agriculture labourer, fell sick after returning from field work on Wednesday and succumbed on Thursday morning.

Similarly, Odela Satyanarayana, a 38-year-old tailor from Kagaznagar town succumbed on Thursday after complaining of dehydration the previous evening as he was exposed to the sun while distributing wedding cards.