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(dated February 11, 1961)
(dated February 11, 1961)

Census operations

Nearly ten lakh enumerators all over the country began “operation census” at dawn on February 10 and started the immense task of counting an estimated 400 million population in the country, besides extracting a variety of economic and sociological data of great benefit to planners. The census will continue till the end of the month, while from March 1 to March 5 the enumerators will make a quick re-check to record any births and deaths between now and March 1. Over eight crores of households are expected to be covered in the operation. The emphasis this time is not only on economic data, but also on the household as a unit.

Shipyard at Cochin

The acquisition of land for the second shipbuilding yard to be allocated in Cochin is proceeding at a rapid pace and is expected to be completed in a few months' time. It is more or less certain that the shipyard construction will begin in the course of the Third Five-Year Plan, though no specific allocation has been made for it because a number of details have to be worked out. The main problem naturally is foreign exchange. The Government of India, it is learnt, are on the look out for collaborators who will supply not only the technical know-how and help but also the foreign exchange required for it. So far there have been no firm offers from any Government or private company from a foreign country to build the yard. It is pointed out that the possibility of collaboration could come from only countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, etc., who have got vast experience in shipbuilding.

Liberation of Goa

The setting up of a Provisional Government in the liberated territory of Nagar Haveli to fight Portuguese colonialists in India is under the contemplation of the Goan liberation forces. Addressing a Press conference in Madras on February 10, Mr. George Vaz, a veteran Goan nationalist leader, said that, after the setting up of the provisional government, the liberation forces would make an open declaration of war against Portugal and seek aid from all Afro-Asian countries to achieve their objective.



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