Physicists in the city talk of the great scientist’s seminal contribution to particle physics

Welcoming The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences’s decision to award this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics to scientists Peter Higgs and Francois Englert for predicting the existence of the Higgs boson (popularly known as the God particle), which is named after Mr. Higgs and Indian scientist Satyendra Nath Bose, prominent physicists here highlighted Professor Bose’s contribution in the field of particle physics.

  Though it was “unfortunate” that Prof. Bose was not awarded the Nobel, the fact that the fundamental particle bears a reference to his name is in itself a great honour, they said.

 “As long as human civilisation exists, fundamental particles with a spin zero will be called bosons. Since the particle that has been discovered has a spin zero it is called Higgs boson. This is a matter of pride for scientists from India,” renowned physicist Bikash Sinha told The Hindu on Wednesday.

  Prof. Bose, he said, made the remarkable discovery in 1924 at Dhaka University and in the 1950s, when Nobel Laureate Paul Dirac visited the city and met him, he called the particles ‘bosons’ in the Indian physicist’s honour.

 “At a time when Prof. Bose made the discovery he had no idea that a particle Higgs boson could exist, but years after the discovery that the name of the particle bears a resemblance with his name endorses the strength of his discovery,” Prof. Sinha added.

 Describing the discovery of Higgs bosons as “remarkable and the last missing piece in the puzzle of the Standard Model,” Sibaji Raha, Director of the Bose Institute — an institute named after Prof. Bose — said the physicist’s fame and contribution would not have been lesser even if the Higgs boson were not discovered.

“He provided impetus for Einstein to formulate Bose-Einstein statistics of which the last and most important member in the boson family is Higgs boson,” he said.

Prof. Bose’s son Rathindranath said his father’s work could not be judged in terms of any award. “We have seen how significant his work is… in fact other scientists whose works are based on his monumental research are getting the Nobel Prize. It [Prof. Bose’s work] has become a part of text books.”

Physicists in the city talk of the great scientist’s seminal contribution to particle physics