: Unless the Union government too considers his case as an extraordinary one, Tomin J. Thachankary, Inspector General of Police, will not be able to make it to the postgraduate programme (MBA) at the Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. The course is offered by the Department of Personnel Training.

‘Pending probes’

Two other senior police officers, Nagaraju and Harshita Attaluri, have already started their programme. Mr. Thachankary’s application was opposed by the Chief Secretary, citing that he had inquiries pending against him.

The last date for applying for the programme was November 19.

Mr. Thachankary’s application reached the Institute only on November 29, after being cleared by the Department of Home, overriding the Chief Secretary’s objection, it is learnt.

The proposed course would necessitate travel abroad, which again would lead to another controversy related to a complaint that he possessed multiple passports.

Application rejected

His application for a fresh passport was turned down in February 2011 by the Regional Passport Office here after it came to light that he did not disclose details of inquiries pending against him.

However, sources close to Mr. Thachankary pointed out that no case had been registered or any inquiry initiated in this case.

Mr. Thachankary is currently facing a Vigilance probe against the case of amassing disproportionate wealth to the tune of Rs. 79 lakh.