Congress MP Manish Tewari has tendered a written apology to activist Anna Hazare, saying he regretted his remarks accusing him of indulging in corruption.

Mr. Tewari's written apology came in response to a legal defamation notice, dated September 8, 2011, sent by Hazare's Pune-based lawyer Milind Pawar.

In the letter, Mr. Tewari said he had already expressed his regrets on the issue on August 25 while urging the anti-corruption crusader to end his fast at Ramlila Maidan.

“I do not stand on any prestige or ego, especially when it comes to giving due regard and respect to people elder to me in age. In all sincerity, I reiterate my regrets,” Mr. Tewari said.

“I do not wish to give legal responses, or for this matter to be prolonged. I hope you would treat the matter as closed,” he added. -PTI