Confusion over which party to vote for in election

Though not faced with the prospect of an election immediately, people in Telangana are eager to get rid of a dilemma of choosing the right protagonist party out of the two -- Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and Congress. By acceding to the demand for a separate State, the ruling party seems to have created confusion among voters who seem to be in a mood to hand over thumping wins to candidates who supported the Telangana cause, in the next election, whenever it takes place.

Going by the history of the current Telangana movement, people in the region would not like to ditch the TRS which has waged a dozen-year struggle for the cause of Telangana.

“They cannot ignore the ruling Congress either for its role in making their aspiration come true,” points out P. Sanjiv Reddy, a Congress leader and close confidant of Adilabad District Congress Committee president C. Ramchander Reddy.

It is an acknowledged fact that the Congress Working Committee's decision in favour of Telangana has considerably weakened the TRS, notwithstanding its claim on being the Telangana crusader. Though Congress fared badly in all the by-elections since 2010, the recent turn of events has given party leaders and cadres enough reason to be jubilant.

The change in the political scenario is said to have generated the talk of the TRS either merging with the Congress or forging an electoral alliance with it for the coming election. The hypothesis was said to have been floated by the TRS leaders who are anxious about their future.

“Most of the people who bother to voice their opinion seem to be in favour of our party merging with the Congress,” says senior TRS leader B. Goverdhan Reddy.

“They want the TRS to realise the full benefit of the hard work put in by it by doing so.”

Poll alliance

The possibility of an electoral understanding or alliance between the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was also likely to add to the dilemma of voters.

They will have to choose between the Congress-TRS and the TDP-BJP combines in which the latter will be within its right to the claim, being a staunch supporter of separate Telangana.