Even as Telugu Desam Party (TDP) president N. Chandrababu Naidu imprints his more than 2,800 km walkathon across State in the history books, a team of five has been following him and meticulously chronicling the entire ‘Vastuna Meekosam’ padayatra.

Right from the day one – October 2 – the team has been on road with Mr. Naidu. At any given time, three members of the team are on field with him. While one of them is always with the party president, others interact with the public en route and at the meetings.

The objective is to create a record of third party observation of his movements, team co-convenor N. Vijaya Kumar explained.

The party realised that there was no documentation of the previous yatras and public interactions organised by the party and decided to go for a comprehensive chronicling of the current padayatra.

The team is not only noting Mr. Naidu’s interactions with the people but also of all the events, incidents and occurrences during the padayatra, he explained. This helps record the capabilities of local organisers to manage the show, he added.

There have been places where the party cadre did not put up a good show and those reports have been sent to the respective district units.

The documentation team is expected to draw up a concise daily report and the compilation for each district is then shared with the district teams.

Apart from serving as a ready reference on the padayatra, it can be used to draw up election strategy for different places. Mr. Naidu’s interaction with the public has brought to light many issues and the record of such issues could be used as a database for drawing up the party manifesto in the forthcoming elections, he said.

The team is headed by convenor Panjugula Srisaila Reddy and comprises Chaganty Vijaybhaskar, Karicheti Harikishore and Benhur King.

It is working towards preparing a book on the padayatra and releasing it at the Mahanadu scheduled for next month, the co-convenor said.