Telangana MLAs of the TDP and the TRS have asked the government to refrain from its efforts to stop the supporters of a separate State from entering the city to participate in the ‘Million March' on Thursday.

They asserted that the march would be reflection of their commitment to achieve separate Statehood in a peaceful manner and the event would be held in spite of the repressive measures adopted by the government.

The government and Director General of Police K. Aravinda Rao should take the responsibility for the consequences if they continued their ‘highhanded methods'.

A delegation of TDP MLAs led by S. Venugopalachary submitted a representation to Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy protesting the preventive arrests made and cases registered against Telangana supporters.

Speaking to reporters later, they wanted the government to remove the check points and release the scores of people arrested unconditionally.

TRS floor leader E. Rajender lamented that the police clamped prohibitory orders under Section 144 in spite of repeated assurances on the peaceful conduct of the event.

‘Refrain from efforts to stop supporters from entering city for Million March'