Telugu Desam has made it clear that it would vote against UPA-II government if the Trinamool Congress moves no confidence motion and dared the YSRC party to do the same.

Addressing a press conference, TDP MLA and spokesman, A. Revanth Reddy alleged that every political move made by YSRC now was in accordance with an understanding with AICC president Sonia Gandhi as it's party leader Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy knew that he would not be able to come out of jail for the next four to five years, if he did not compromise.

Mr. Revanth said the YSRC’s frequent challenge at TDP to move no trust move against Kiran’s government was also part of this understanding. It was nothing, but posturing to secure the release of Jagan. The strategy of both the parties was not to get exposed in public. He was sure that the YSRC would not go against UPA and would keep bargaining. After all that party had showed its double standards by voting in favour of Congress candidate in the Presidential elections.

TDP MLA wondered if the YSRC’s strategy of buying MLAs from other parties, an exercise in enhancing its credibility. It's effort to lure MLAs showed that it had not faith in institutions of parliamentary democracy and knew no basic Assembly procedures.