NEW DELHI: The Taj Mahal appears set to figure among the new seven wonders of the world, with votes polled across the world so far placing it among the top seven candidates for the title.

People from around the world are voting to choose the new seven wonders, and the Taj is ranked among the top seven of 21 monuments on the basis of votes cast as of January 31.

The 17th century monument of love built by Mughal emperor Shah Jehan made it to the grand finale of the multimedia competition. There were 77 monuments in the fray, and this was brought down to 21 in the final phase of the New7Wonders campaign.

According to, the Taj is among the top seven monuments, and the other would-be new wonders are the Colosseum, the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Petra, the Pyramids of Giza and the statues of Eastern Island. PTI