Gujarat and Rajasthan were worst hit by A H1N1 influenza this year, accounting for 150 and 138 deaths respectively. Health Ministry figures show that 469 deaths occurred and over 4,000 cases were reported all over the country between January 1 and March 24.

Punjab and Haryana reported 39 deaths each, Manipur and Maharashtra 26 each, and Madhya Pradesh and Delhi 16 each. In the national capital, there were 1,461 confirmed cases of A H1N1 influenza – the highest in the country so far – followed by 818 in Gujarat, 789 in Rajasthan, 437 in Haryana and 207 in Maharashtra.

Uttar Pradesh saw seven deaths and 52 cases, Karnataka 3 deaths and 51 cases, Chandigarh 5 deaths and 37 cases, Andhra Pradesh 2 deaths and 28 cases, and Tamil Nadu 2 deaths and 15 cases.

Describing the occurrence as a “seasonal outbreak” Joint Secretary Anshu Prakash said the number of cases had already started falling. “The number has already declined in Delhi and Rajasthan, while in Gujarat it has steadied.”