Atiq Khan

LUCKNOW: The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorist Squad on Wednesday arrested a suspected agent of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence at Bithoor in Kanpur district.

Waqas Ahmed alias Zahid alias Ibrahim alias Rajesh Kumar alias Vikki, from Lahore, was in possession of a voter identity card in the name of Ibrahim and an EPR (exempted from police reporting) visa, which is issued to those whose credentials are not in doubt.

Brij Lal, Additional Director-General, Law and Order, said the voter ID card was issued to Waqas Ahmed in Kanpur on January 4, 2009 and he cast his vote in the recent Lok Sabha elections. Residing there since August 2008, he had been doing odd jobs and was also in contact with criminals, Mr. Lal said.

Incriminating documents

Incriminating documents and maps relating to the Army, fake driving licences, a pocket diary containing names and phone numbers and a Western Union receipt were also seized from Waqas Ahmed, who was arrested around 1.50 p.m. That he was in possession of the voter ID card and an EPR visa was cause for concern to the police for, the two documents were issued after proper verification at different levels. Waqas Ahmed’s masters managed the EPR visa for him, said Mr. Lal.

Investigations revealed that Waqas Ahmed, son of Mahmood Ahmed, was born in Lahore on June 20, 1985. He was planted in India in the guise of a spectator watching an India-Pakistan cricket match in New Delhi on April 17, 2005. From there he moved to Ambala to sell burgers. He lived for about two years in the Bhayandar area in Mumbai, and shifted to Kanpur in August 2008.

Waqas Ahmed had visited Shimla, Surat, Ambala, Patiala, Mumbai, Lucknow, Chandigarh, the Nepal border and Agra to gather information. He has been booked under Sections 115, 120B,121A,122,123 and 124 of the Indian Penal Code; Sections 3/9/4 of the Official Secrets Act and Section 14 of the Foreigners Act.