A team of the Survey of India on Friday began checking the foundations of the Taj Mahal following a directive from the Supreme Court of India.

Court directive

The directive came in the wake of media reports quoting local BJP member of the Lok Sabha Ram Shankar Katheria and a local writer on historic monuments, Ram Nath, as saying that the foundations of the 17th Century monument of love had become weak because of the low level of water in the Yamuna river flowing immediately north of the monument.

The reports had said that the minarets on the four corners of the Taj had bent further from the markings done by the Survey of India in 1940.

In pursuance of the observation of the Supreme Court, which is itself overseeing the pollution level around the Taj as well as its state of preservation, the Archaeological Survey of India has asked four premier agencies of the country to recheck the stability of the monument.

I.D. Dwivedi, Superintending Archaeologist of ASI, said the Survey of India team had begun investigating the verticality of the minarets and their stability as also the state of the foundations of the monument. — PTI