Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has declared that his support to the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, is “conditional” and “issue-based.”

Talking to journalists here on Saturday, he wanted to know what economic policies, especially those in respect of unearthing black money stashed away in foreign banks, would be followed by the BJP if it won the general election and how Mr. Modi would work to declare it a national asset. “The Congress was the first party that I approached, but it betrayed me. Now, I am being cautious. I want to know what the BJP’s and Mr. Modi’s policies will be. I have invited the BJP leadership and Mr. Modi to a rally scheduled at Talkatora for Sunday and explain what effective policies have they planned to address black money, corruption, unemployment and the country’s flawed taxation policy,” he said. The yoga guru said his support for the BJP would be based on the principles of neeti, netratav and neeyat (policy, leadership and intent), and “since the aspirations and hopes of millions of people ride on Mr. Modi’s election as Prime Minister, it is imperative for the party to announce how it plans to help farmers and domestic businesses and to revive economy.”