Members of the Legislative Council, nominated from the Assembly, are a confused lot these days with the Central government moving ahead with its decision to bifurcate the State.

They find themselves in a piquant situation about their status once the bifurcation process is through. Given the current provisions, there is clear delimitation in respect of the Local Authorities Constituencies (LAC), Teachers’ and Graduates’ constituencies and those nominated under the Governor’s quota can continue in the posts till their tenure of six years is completed.

There are 31 members each from the LAC and Assembly quota and eight each from Teachers and Graduates’ constituencies while the remaining 12 are nominated by the Governor. Going by conventions, the larger part of the bifurcated State would retain the Council too and the members under the MLA quota who are yet to complete their tenure could be associated in some “ad hoc” manner till elections are held to the new State, senior officials told The Hindu . This would mean that the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh State with 175 Assembly constituencies would retain the Council while the fate of the Elders’ House in the Telangana State is not decided. “The Parliament has to take a view on the issue. It should either include the Council for Telangana with 40 members in the bifurcation Bill itself or seek the view of the Assembly once elections in the new State are completed,” an official said. Against this background, the MLCs are holding a meeting here on Thursday to understand the finer details about their future. They will chalk out plans to mount pressure on the Centre to include the Legislative Councils for the two States.

MLCs to hold a meeting today to understand the finer details of their future and chalk out plans to mount pressure on the Centre to include Legislative Councils for the two States