With a view to augment the preparations of more than four lakh students appearing for the upcoming SSLC examinations, the IT@School has made available special educational content in YouTube, the programme's resource portal and the ViCTERS channel.

The resource portal of IT@School Project www.resource.itschool.gov.in has been packed with content relating to science, social science and mathematics for the benefit of students attending the SSLC examination.

“The portal has been designed to enable the students to learn difficult portions of their subject through easy interactive animations and would also enable the students to conduct different experiments themselves. Apart from interactive animations, the portal has also incorporated several Java applets and free software content, including videos, graphs, pictures and so on,” IT@School executive director Anvar Sadath has said.

In addition to the online access of contents in the portal, its unique design also enables offline access to every content, thus facilitating the students to download the required content and use them whenever they want, without the need for having internet all the time, he said.

The project has also established a dedicated YouTube channel www.youtube.com/itsvicters which currently features episodes of ‘SSLC Orukkam' 2012 — the examination preparatory programme for Class X students, being aired on IT@School ViCTERS educational channel.

The channel includes specific programmes on all subjects of Std X, including language subjects. ‘SSLC Orukkam' is being telecast in five phases namely detailed study, revision, model questions, warming up and count-down.

The ‘SSLC Orukkam' programme includes sessions on how the students could prepare for the examination, easier methods or short-cuts for each subjects, specific points to be remembered, review of old question papers and probable questions for this year and so on.

‘SSLC Orukkam' is currently aired on ViCTERS channel every day at 6.30 a.m., 11.30 a.m., 1.30 p.m., 5.30 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Students could also view live telecast of ‘SSLC Orukkam' on ViCTERS channel through internet also via www.victers.itschool.gov.in.

IT@School Project has made arrangements on its YouTube channel for students to make round-the-clock subject-wise selection of content, a press note issued here said.

  • Content available on ViCTERS channel, IT@School portal

  • Specific programmes on all subjects of Std X