Probe into Co-op Society accounts finds him guilty

Krishnagiri Primary Agriculture Cooperative Society employee K.C. Somanna, missing from February 2013, appeared to have been caught in the web of fraudsters as an inquiry had detected a fraud of Rs. 13.73 lakh in the Society accounts where Somanna worked as a clerk.

According to reports, the auditor of the bank, who detected the fraud, had fixed the responsibility on the Society president and secretary and exonerated Somanna on the ground that none of the receipts contained his signatures.

In a subsequent inquiry by higher-ups, the responsibility was fixed on three persons, including Somanna, on the ground that the latter had been a party to the irregularity. However, Somanna’s alleged share of fraud was calculated at Rs. 2.12 lakh while the remaining two persons were held responsible for Rs. 5.75 lakh and Rs 5.86 lakh.

The subsequent inquiries reversed the earlier decision and placed the entire burden on Somanna while the other two accused were acquitted. The sources revealed that undue pressure was brought on Somanna to confess to the crime which was promptly recorded.

The incident deeply disturbed him and he went into depression because of these developments.

In the meantime, the second phase of irregularities also surfaced an inquiry into which was still on. The irregularities related to refund of interest to borrowers, fixed deposits, payment of crop insurance cover amount, debt waiver, share capital refund and sanction of irregular loans.

The second phase of irregularities was calculated at Rs. 20 lakh. Somanna was allegedly likely to have been held responsible for these irregularities even though he had acted under pressure from the Society bigwigs.

Meanwhile, the police teams have been scanning the religious places frequented by Somanna and are analysing the call data records of his phone. The police said that they would achieve the breakthrough in a short time if the family members cooperated and shared the information relating to his disappearance.