‘Violence committed by more female characters than males’

A study has revealed that serials telecast in all the four major Telugu channels are heavily gravitated towards story lines mimicking that of films, with inevitable reliance on violence.

The soaps with more content of violence are securing more advertisement support while those aired with less violence, as in Gemini TV, were getting less ads.

“The business aspect of this paradox is unclear as major national and international brands are not only crowding less popular channels, they are crowding heavily violent programming,” the study said.

It was conducted by Anita Nagulapalli of CMS Hyderabad and Padmaja Shaw of OU department of communication and journalism.

They analysed 144 episodes, 36 each from the channels in the prime time slots between 7.30 pm and 9 pm between August and October last year.

“If we observe what is served to us on the Telugu commercial TV networks in the name of entertainment, we can see the only feel-good part of the 30-minute package is the 8-9 minutes of advertising,” they mainatined.