Due procedure under DSPE Act followed in selection, says judge

The Madras High Court on Thursday upheld the appointment of Ranjit Sinha as CBI Director.

Dismissing a writ petition challenging the appointment, Justice K. Venkataraman said 61 officers were empanelled and three of them were shortlisted by a committee constituted under the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act and Mr. Sinha was selected. While so, the petitioner could not say he was not properly appointed.

Refuting the allegation by the petitioner, Jebamani Mohanraj, that Mr. Sinha was a “tainted officer,” Additional Solicitor-General of India Sidharth Luthra said he was not facing any criminal charge before any court. His appointment satisfied not only the eligible criteria but also the Supreme Court’s directions.

Justice Venkataraman said that on perusing the files produced by the ASG, he came to the conclusion that Mr. Sinha’s appointment was made after following due procedure under Section 4 A of the DSPE Act. The petitioner might be entitled to fight for a righteous cause, but he should collect all relevant particulars and place them before court, said the judge.

  • Petitioner failed to prove that officer is holding Director post without legal authority: judge

  • Sinha not facing any criminal charge before any court: ASG