Special Correspondent

JAIPUR: Participants in a seminar on import logistics have expressed concern over imbalance in exports from Rajasthan and imports into the State. The State is doing well in exports and it holds a tremendous potential for further growth in the area but what is worrying is the slow growth in its imports, they point out.

Empty wagons

The participants were complaining that the trucks and the railway wagons carrying export items such as garments, handicrafts, furniture and gem and jewellery to ports and other destinations were coming back empty as the imports to Rajasthan were not matching its outgoing merchandise. This was also happening because even the goods meant for Rajasthan were often offloaded in Mumbai or elsewhere due to cumbersome legal formalities one has to face after entering the Rajasthan territory.

State Secretary (Industries) Purushotam Agarwal, who shared the concern at the seminar on “Opportunities in Exim Logistics”, felt that the existing imbalance in exports-imports could be rectified with support from institutions such as the Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation, Inland Container Depots, the Customs, the Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) and the supply chain and logistics companies. He promised to put up the issues of logistics with the Rajasthan Government.

Tremendous upsurge

Mr. Agarwal noted that there was a tremendous upsurge of exports from Rajasthan and the agencies concerned with the logistics must gear up to meet the challenge. Incredible opportunities were waiting for those in the export-import logistics sector as well, he said, pointing out that the Union Ministry of Commerce had estimated that the export-import trade would touch 700 million US dollars from the current 270 million US dollars over the next three years. The quantum leap of over 200 per cent in exim trade would require seamless flow of containers and improved port connectivity, he said.

Additional Commissioner (Customs) S. K. Singh assured the participants that the Customs stood committed to assisting the exporters and importers. A committee would soon be visiting Jaipur to study the connection of importers and exporters with the customs EDI network, he said.