Some wish to join YSRC, while others may try their luck with TDP

“Till July 31, I did not see a threat from rival political parties in my re-election bid from Tadipatri constituency. Now, I am seriously worried about my prospects since the announcement on bifurcation of State has turned the political situation in Seemandhra upside down,” says former Minister J.C. Diwakar Reddy.

The six-time MLA’s worried statement sums up the mood in the Seemandhra Congress camp as more and more voices are being aired openly predicting a complete rout for the party in the next elections because of the public mood against it.

Many leaders feel that remaining in the Congress after repeated assertions by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and other leaders that bifurcation process cannot be halted is nothing short of committing political suicide. They are caught in a cleft -- loyalty to the party and the bleak future ahead of them.

Mr. Diwakar Reddy said that he had never seen the Congress facing a situation where leaders were afraid of fighting elections. Many were mulling options on what they could do in the next elections.

Better bet

They include floating a new party or joining a rival party.

While some of them are making moves to join the YSR Congress, which they see as the only party that is likely to get people’s acceptance in the next elections for its pro-Andhra Pradesh slogan, others who do not get along with Jaganmohan Reddy, reluctantly acknowledge that Chandrababu Naidu was a better bet. But they see the TDP also losing because of its open support for Telangana.

Some leaders favour a new party with outright backing for united Andhra Pradesh cause.

However, the move could be a non-starter as a section feels it was too late to launch a party as people were not willing to believe them. “We sadly lack a charismatic person who can lead us,” a PCC functionary remarked.