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....statement? Please say what your client has instructed you to say.” To this, Mr. Lekhi said Dr. Nandy had already tendered an apology.

In his petition, Dr. Nandy said: “During the session on January 26, the topic of corruption in India was raised and Mr. Tarun Tejpal brought out the issue that perhaps corruption in our country is a great class equaliser as India is an extremely class-ridden society and there is a great disparity between the rich and the poor

Based upon the context and in order to highlight the fact that the underprivileged were often subject to harsh scrutiny, limelight and statutory actions unlike the elite class, he expressed his point of view with great degree of humanity and said: “It will be a very undignified and vulgar statement on his part but the fact is that most of the corrupt come from the OBC, the Scheduled Castes and now increasingly the Scheduled Tribes and as long as this is the case the Indian Republic will survive.”

Dr. Nandy said that when the organisers told him that his remark might be misunderstood, he immediately apologised.